Dissent Of The Day

A reader defends Alan Grayson:

Here's what I know about Grayson (he represents my mother's district in Florida, as if that matters): I saw him at length during a whistleblower trial here at the Federal Courthouse in Alexandria (Custer Battles), and he is nothing if not calculating and is so fully aware of what he's doing that it's frightening.

That ad, when I first saw it, screamed one thing - the Conservatives have been processing this bullshit for years and now they get a full taste. You know what? Grayson doesn't believe Webster is Taliban. Grayson doesn't care any more than Rove gave a shit that everything they pushed was complete bullshit. Grayson, to me, was junkpunching the Conservatives. And, quite frankly, more power to him. If you haven't read his bio, give it a go...the guy is exceptionally smart, dedicated, and successful.