Defense Spending And GDP

Justin Logan issues a challenge to Bill Kristol and friends:

I extend the offer of an open, public, live debate to the Defending Defense people:  Let’s debate the security of the United States, the strategy to best protect it, and the resources needed to fund the strategy. Any time, any place.

The overarching problem in this debate is that the big spenders keep inserting the red herring of defense expenditures as a percentage of GDP into the debate.  This is relevant only as it pertains to their claim that “current levels of defense spending are affordable,” but last time I checked the mere fact that something wouldn’t, in itself, bankrupt the country is not a sufficient conservative justification for a government program.

Propagandists rarely agree to public debates. But it would indeed be great to have one. Why doesn't Fox have a debate between a pro-defense spending conservative and a fiscal realist who thinks we have to retrench? Oh, never mind. CNN?