Decoding Ozzy

Emily Singer gets a preview of the results from Ozzy Osbourne's sequenced genome, to be revealed at TED roundtable this weekend:

According to the analysis, Osbourne has about 300,000 novel variants, a figure similar to that of other newly sequenced genomes. (The number of novel variants discovered per genome will fall as more people are sequenced.) Analysis of his mitochondrial DNA, inherited from his mother, revealed that Osbourne shared a common ancestor with Stephen Colbert about 1,000 years ago.

The rocker also learned that, like most people of European descent, he has some some DNA segments inherited from Neandertals. "For fun, we did the same analysis for George Church," says [Jorge] Conde [Knome's chief executive officer]. Church, a pioneer in DNA sequencing, Harvard professor, and one of Knome's cofounders, "had three times as much Neandertal DNA."