Dan Choi's Vindication

He re-enlists while the ban remains unenforced during the injunction imposed by Judge Virginia Phillips:

(Hat tip: Joe.My.God.) More details on new gay enlistments in this window here. I remain very proud of my friend. And of his tenacity and clarity. Money quote from the NYT:

R. Clarke Cooper, the executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans, applauded the Pentagon decision as “a huge deal.” ... Mr. Cooper, a member of the Army Reserve, said that he was taking part in training last week at Fort Huachuca in Arizona when the injunction was issued, and that he was surprised by the lack of visible opposition or outcry. He likened it to a “giant shoulder shrug of ‘so what?’ ” Most of the people he was with, he added, were younger members of the service, and “a few people actually thought repeal had already occurred.”