Beyond Abu Ghraib

Ackerman previews the WikiLeaks Iraq document dump. He writes that the release could come as early as next week and that up to "400,000 reports from 2004 to 2009 could be revealed this time five times the size of the Afghan document dump." Questions he's hoping to find answers to:

The Abu Ghraib detainee-abuse scandal was one of the worst strategic debacles in recent U.S. history. Aides to Gen. David Petraeus candidly said it inspired foreign fighters to join the Iraq insurgency.

Only one prison scandal came to light after Abu Ghraib: torture at the Special Ops facility known as “Camp Nama.” But journalists lost visibility into how the United States ran its detention complex in Iraq. Only in 2007, when Petraeus put Maj. Gen. Doug Stone in charge of rehabbing captured insurgents, did any sunlight return.

What happened for three years in the U.S. jails where tens of thousands of Iraqis were held?