Always Look On The Bright Side ...

Using as her main piece of evidence the health insurance reform bill, Megan concludes

I worry that if Republicans get in, we'll end up with a huge budget problem. And I also worry that if Democrats retain control, we'll end up with a huge budget problem.  I see no evidence at this point that I should worry more about one than the other.  We have a huge deficit problem.  And I'm pretty sure that whatever batch of politicians we elect next Tuesday is going to make it worse, rather than better.

I will make my call depending on each party's and the president's responses to the Debt Commission proposals. But the record of the past couple of decades, especially the last one, leads me to believe that the greater threat to America's fiscal future lies with the GOP. But the Dems have yet to show any spine on entitlement cuts. Seeing how health insurance reform's Medicare cuts fare will also be a revealing moment. The Dish remains fiscally obsessed with balancing our books. We'll happily credit either party for making the biggest effort to get us there.