A New Low, Ctd

A reader writes:

Although I understand the disgust at the Human Rights Campaign for this, I actually believe such a bracelet is helpful.

In general, colored bracelets (Livestrong, breast cancer awareness) merely convey a weak form of solidarity - like "liking" something on Facebook. But in this case, the bracelet would serve a function of few other bracelets: A means of signaling. Imagine a gay teen being bullied at school. Where should he/she turn for support? Students, teachers, or administrators (or even people in churches) wearing an anti-bullying bracelet signals to these teens that they have someone to talk to. As a means of signaling, the bracelet would be both subtle and effective. No other bracelet I know of performs this sort of function.

However, buying such bracelets from the HRC is too much to ask. School districts should just make their own and hand them out to teachers, staff, and administrators interested in reaching out to bullied teens.

In other HRC news, revenue was down 17 percent from last year.