"You Elected Me To Do What Was Right" Ctd

A reader writes:

I just wanted to say thank you for your post on Obama's speech last night at the Gen44 event (full video here). I was there and I was blown away both by the positive energy of the crowd and by the determined dignified energy of Obama himself. And the thing that struck me the most about it is that his message was a simple and effective one: walking away now is like throwing in the towel when a lot of the heavy lifting has been done.

It may not be easy to stay in the ring right now, it may not be the fashionable thing to do--all of Washington is salivating to write his obituary as the Black Jimmy Carter, they have been at it since before his inauguration--but it is essential for the health and survival of our nation.

As an immigrant to this country who came because I saw the possibility he so well described in his speech and which you quoted I cannot conceive that people, out of spite, buying the spin, pique, lack of interest would give the reigns back to the Republicans so that they can destroy everything we worked so hard for. Not just in this generation, not just in the last 20 months, but the essence of what makes America the land of opportunity. As much as they embrace the flag and faux patriotism, Republicans in their unseriousness and lack of policy coherence prove that they only care about power and they will tear whatever is necessary to get it back. Don't let them!

Know Hope. I did again, last night.