"Those Corrupt Bastards"

Not exactly presidential language there from former half-first-term governor Palin, about a local CBS afffiliate's view of her preferred Senate candidate in Alaska. And reading the transcript and listening to the tape (see below) and reading the TV station's rather opaque defense/explanation, I'm not entirely sure what went on. Here's the tape of the end of a voicemail message for a Joe Miller campaign worker - left accidentally by not hanging up after the end of a real message:

But what it appears to me to be is a bunch of reporters, er, joking about various gambits to make a Joe Miller rally more page-view worthy. I don't think honestly that a local journalist is seriously going to go through a Miller rally looking for the lone "child-molester" on his staff or fabricating some violent shenanigans and then issuing a fake Twitter news alert "Joe Miller punched in face," when he obviously wasn't. Aren't they goofing around - hence all the laughter?

Maybe I'm wrong. But maybe it was too much for the affiliate to admit that their journalists take their jobs even more cynically than the rest of us watching them. Of course they're biased. But also getting loopy.