"Show Me! Show You!"

A reader writes:

I love Japanese advertising and agree that the Kikkoman ad is mesmerizing.  In case you don't know already, shoyu is the Japanese word for soy sauce.  Crosslingual puns are the best.

Alas, the ad isn't real:

This animation flash has no relationship with the soysauce manufacturer Kikkoman. This is not for product promotion use, and we refuse any question in this regard. The soysauce warrior, Kikkoman, and other characters... are made by many users of the biggest posting site in Japan called 2-Channel.

Another reader adds:

I think the cat committing suicide by hanging itself should have tipped you off.

Another rubs it in:

Hey, have you heard about Chocolate Rain?  Or Sneezing Panda?  KikkoMan has been around since the '90s, dude.  We passed it around in college.  Here is the English subtitled version.