"A Reality We Can All Agree On"

Tim Challies asks what Wikipedia and the wiki model mean for the concept of truth, for Christians:

Wikipedia says that knowledge flows horizontally from human-to-human and that truth is the sum of this knowledge; the Bible tells us that knowledge and truth find their source in God and that all truth flow vertically from him to us. At the heart of the wiki model is a new conception of truthtruth is what we agreeĀ upon.

Religious truth, it seems to me, is both. It is revealed from above and yet must be communicated and discussed and reasoned through by human beings who are definitionally incapable of understanding it fully. Any attempt to prefer one method over another will fail. But the current Pope would disagree. He alone knows and our job is to obey. The Second Vatican Council - and Cardinal Newman - had a different vision, and, in my view, the right on.