Some feedback on the new Dish feature we've been waiting on for almost two years now:


Oh the joys of the new collapsible post format.  I clicked Read On, went into my normal wait-for-the-screen-to-refresh mode, and viola!  There was the whole post right away.  I love it!

The new "read on/collapse" feature is simply sublime. Great improvement to a seemingly un-improvable blog.

Thanks so much! I will now read more of your posts all the way through. I've got such a pet peeve with opening new pages to continue articles.

Reading The DD on a mobile phone is a lot easier now.

The Daily Dish is now the PERFECT website! I normally load up my browser with my daily reading in the morning, go offline, and return throughout the day. It's always annoying when I want to follow your longer posts because it means I have to plug in the stick again, wait, find the right network ... very cumbersome. You probably just saved me 15 minutes of life everyday.

As a hardcore Dish reader of many years, your long-awaited deliverance of the "Read On" feature has led me to reassess my atheism.

Thanks so much for this technical goodie. It keeps me from opening a dozen tabs because there's never a lack of stuff I HAVE TO read/see/hear.  The Dish is so integrated into my thinking process that something so seemingly small really makes a huge difference.


Makes me think I might not die of carpal tunnel after all.

Love the new Read On feature. I've been using it and appreciating it on Salon for a while. I admire your publisher for allowing this; as an online ad sales guy, I know you've substantially reduced your inventory by implementing this feature.

About time!!!

I'm a very long-time reader. I'm also a web professional, so I know it's not always easy to do this stuff as fast as your readers want. I first noticed the feature, and most appreciated it, when I was reading on my iPhone.  It was much easier to read without jumping through the multiple page reloads, back-and-forths, or multiple tabs. I love it.

I love you. All of you. Every single one of you. Unconditionally.

Wonderful! Please send enormous thank-yous to whoever is responsible for the "Read On" feature.

You just did.

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