A reader writes:

Dude. The "Read On" feature is something that blogs have been using for years. You act like it's some technical marvel for the times. Love you long time, but I often wonder why you post about new technical improvements on your blog and thank "the team" that worked on them when simple people with no budget or team have been doing what you're doing for years.

I did it in 2002 or 2003 on an old blog I had. Basically, clicking "Read On" would reveal a hidden < DIV > section, if I remember correctly.

I read and love this blog, but calm down. Your blog does a tremendous service to its readers. It does not, however, live on the bleeding edge of technology. I hate raining on the parade because I know you guys have a lot of fun over there, but please.

Oh, I know that. This feature has been around for years on other sites. Our thrill - and that of the readers' - is that finally, eventually, it came about here. That's all.

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