by Chris Bodenner

"I'm sorry to say that Mr. Flint has a legitimate point when he raises the safety issue. Unprotected anal sex is the most efficient mode of transmission for HIV; female-to-male transmission of HIV is more difficultand therefore rarerthan male-to-female or male-to-male transmission. If brothels hire gay or bi men, or gay brothels open in Nevada (which seems likely), the brothel industry will have to aggressively enforce the use of condoms and be even more vigilant about testing or it could face its [as Flint called it] "Pearl Harbor," i.e. HIV infections traced back to Nevada's brothels. But a legal, regulated marketbrothels with male sex workers who are tested and who can force condoms onto reluctant/whiny/selfish clients by blaming house rulesis preferable to the boys-for-rent system Nevada currently has," - Dan Savage, on the opposition of brothel lobbyist George Flint to the new Nevada law allowing men to prostitute themselves. (As for the other point Flint raises - "Some may feel it’s a repugnant thing to do..." - Savage has a very different response.)

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