by Chris Bodenner

"By no means am I a fan of Dr. Laura, (as she's known), but I'm even less of a fan of the n-word, which I find more offensive, more harmful, and more poisonous to our community than Dr. Laura will ever be. ... Now I happen to consider Dr. Laura's laughably flawed logic more offensive than her use of the n-word, but considering her doctorate is actually in physiology and not psychology like many believe, it's really not that surprising that she knows so little about people or race relations. But the fact that she felt justified saying what she did confirms a fundamental reality: Arbitrary rules about who can say the n-word and who cannot simply do not work. Dr. Laura felt justified saying what she did because a host of rappers and comedians continue to validate her perspective," - Keli Goff.  (Another HuffPo blogger, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, defends Schlessinger as well.)

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