by Chris Bodenner

"[S]he does make one reasonable pointwhen anyone (liberals or conservatives) creates a feminist litmus test, it cuts off the possibility of real, fruitful discussion. ... I think liberals must cede this round in the debate to the sassy Ms. Palin. The Emily's List video wasn't gathering liberals around an electrifying ideait was attempting to co-opt Palin's very effective rallying cry. As Hanna said yesterday, Palin gets to be the cool one in this situation, the one the other ladies are sweating. The List, and liberals in general, would be better served creating a stunning, galvanizing idea of our own. Also, that burn about Piper and Trig is pretty good," - Jessica Grose, XX Factor.

I had to look away watching that ad. I feel the best approach to Palin is simply giving her the chance to self-immolate (there is no shortage of opportunities). Trying to engage her on her own terms and imitating her schoolyard taunts just make her critics look like, well, children.

(Video via C4P)

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