In a post lamenting "the lunacy that is poisoning much conservative discourse," Heather Mac Donald eviscerates Dinesh D'Souza and the "hackneyed psychological theory" he published in Forbes. Even if you've read other dissections of that much derided article, this is a takedown to behold. It builds toward this core point:

...there is not a single policy that Obama has pursued since taking office that does not grow out of  the American tradition of left-wing liberalism or more immediately out of the Bush Administration, the latter including bailouts of Detroit and Wall Street, drone strikes in Pakistan, continuation of the doomed Freedom Agenda in Afghanistan, and invocations of the state secrets act to protect anti-terror actions from judicial scrutiny. But D’Souza is determined to present Obama as an alien within the body politic.

So what's wrong with the folks on the right who traffic in this nonsense?

D’Souza’s screed is just the latest manifestation of the rebirth of the conservative hysteria that marked the Clinton era.  The fact that both Clinton and Obama’s critics became obsessed with the person rather than his policies suggests that those critics have no faith in the public’s ability to grapple with abstract issues, rather than alleged personal failings.  The shrillness of the hysteria around the last two Democratic presidents also suggests a conservative sense of entitlement towards holding power.

She seems appropriately skeptical of the Tea Party too.

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