by Chris Bodenner

Kevin Drum doubts Michael Gross's defense:

Was he really sympathetic to Palin going into this? Because if he was, this is the most unbelievable volte face I've ever read. I mean, he literally describes an entire town hell, practically an entire state that is absolutely scared to death to talk about Palin because they're afraid of the vengeance she'll wreak on them for doing it. He describes a woman with a paranoid streak a mile wide, a temper like a hellcat, and a casual meanness toward ordinary people that defies belief. There were so many examples of people saying they were afraid to talk to him that it almost seemed like it had to be a joke.

Ben Smith continues his criticism of Gross by unearthing an error in his reporting. Even anti-Palin sources are pissed at him. I personally found the profile tough to get through. For such a lengthy piece of reporting, nothing seemed that new (then again, as a Dish editor, I see everything and anything Palin).

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