Contra Chait, Drum figures her chance at the nomination is fairly remote:

[T]he only real winning scenario I see for Palin is one in which nobody credible really feels like running and Palin ends up getting the nomination by default as sort of a suicide run against an incumbent who's going to crush her. But I don't really see that either. I happen to believe that Obama is probably unbeatable in 2012, but there are hardly any Republicans who agree with me. They all think Obama is a dead man walking and they're almost certainly going to want to nominate someone who can beat him. Palin just isn't that person.

Frum checks out the competition:

If TARP is a deal killer, then Romney is finished. If it’s unacceptable to acknowledge climate change, then Pawlenty is done. Many of my friends are rallying to Mitch Daniels. I like and admire Daniels too, but it’s hard to escape the feeling that he is the Bruce Babbitt of the GOP: the best nominee we never had.

Ben Smith evaluates her chances based on how well O'Donnell does.

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