Two readers have very different takes. One writes:

At first I thought it was ironic, but the more I think about it, the Log Cabin Republicans are really the only pro-gay group out there that doesn't care in the least how bad this makes the Dems and Obama look.  The Dems aren't willing to expend any political capital on the gays, and God knows HRC won't put any pressure on the Dems, so the Log Cabin is all that's really left on this.

The other:

OK, you so rightfully take on HRC for failing to get DADT repealed, but what about the Epic Fail of the Log Cabin?   They couldn't get a single GOP Senator to support repeal.   In fact, worse than that, they couldn't even get their Senators to allow an up-or-down vote on the measure.   Doesn't that show that they are even more pathetic in their power and the ability to affect change than HRC?

I think it reveals how impossible their position sadly is. Gay people are more anathema within the GOP than at any time in my adult life. So LCR has no influence and will have even less with the latest slew of candidates who might get elected. But they're trying to do something constructive, which is commendable. (Bonus: fun remix video of McCain losing, via Burroway)

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