The Party Impeding Equality

by Chris Bodenner

Dan Savage is unimpressed by the recent wave of gay tolerance among Republican elites backing Mehlman. He directs his ire toward Democrats:

And here's the most hilarious thing about Democratic cowardice where our issues are concerned: voters who hate the gays don't hate Obama and the Democrats in Congress one iota less for breaking their promises to gay and lesbian community. Just going by the action alerts sent out by rightwing Christian groupsI get all their emailsyou would think Obama ("the most radically pro-homosexual president in our history") had legalized same-sex marriage, ended DADT, enacted ENDA, and sent federal troops into suburban mega-churches and forced conservative Christian pastors to perform gay weddings at gunpoint.

So here's where we're at: everyone who cares about gay issues is mad at the Democrats. The homophobes are angry because the Democrats suggested that they might do something about gay rights; gays and lesbians are furious with the Democrats for failing to do somethingfailing to do anythingabout gay rights. Since doing nothing pisses off the gay haters just as much as doing something, perhaps the Dems should've have done something and won the enthusiastic support of someone.

Heckuvajob, gang.