The Origin Of Macho Television?

David Thier reviews FX's man-centric lineup. His conclusion:

In this magazine, earlier this year, Hannah Rosin proclaimed "The End of Men:" citing a post-industrial society for a female ascendancy that is finally, after untold thousands of years, undercutting the phallocracy. It wasn't the first time someone had made such an observation, and the Internet had a field day debating the article, but a core observation remainsthe old stereotypes of what makes a man a man just don't mesh with an age of the iPad.

It's no coincidence that while the traditional masculine roles may be disappearing in reality, they've only become stronger on television. After all, the cowboy never became the pinnacle of American manhood until he was crushed by a freight train. Mad Men's Don Draper on AMC is the poster man of the small screen: tortured, broad-shouldered, drunk, fading.