Today on the Dish, Afghan men took boy lovers; we learned lessons from Iraq and picked at Obama's speech. More romantic Dish readers pitched in on progressively alternative engagement gifts; immigration could solve the housing crisis; and healthcare could determine November's election. Weigel wrote the post-mortem on Murkowski; political parties are not dead yet; and Andrew got dragged into the argument over Kos's new book, American Taliban.

In the lead up to Labor Day, we heard from pharmacists; mathmeticians; a paid pro-bon lawyer; teachers; a mortician; more sacrificing public sector workers and about how the economic downturn has affected the hiring of elites.

The Vanity Fair piece had some ripe Sullivan bait; we got more of Ms. Dina Martina; and Americans were exceptional.  We counted vacation days and inducted more musicians into the hip church (and synagogue) hall of fame. VFYW here; Malkin award here; MHB here; FOTD here. We enjoyed some snacks and shit (so did tigers); Swedish fathers pushed strollers; and we kept the law out of craft cocktails. Glenn Beck wore a bulletproof vest; bonobos are like humans; and men wooed virtual girlfriends on romantic getaways.


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