Today on the Dish, we eyed Iowa for Palin; even the Vanity Fair writer who liked her couldn't believe how much she lied; and on top of all that, she ruined Alaska's quirkiness for the rest of the state. Chris drew on the Glenn Beck-Howard Beale connection; and the Tea Party defense and dissent of the day is here.

Yossi Klein Halevi asked Imam Rauf to modify the mosque, not move it. Israeli-Palestinian talks, amazingly, continued; and nation-building in Iraq, unsuprisingly, didn't work that well. We compared what worked in Haiti versus what hasn't in Pakistan; heard China's opinion on Iraq; and tracked deaths by drones. Sweatshops might not be as bad as we think but American Taliban still seemed to rub most the wrong way.

Savage savaged Democrats for not doing anything on gay rights; and Mazzone got impatient for a DADT repeal. Hitchens shut down his detractors; Sabato placed bets for November; and there's an ode to E.D. Kain and reformers on the right here. Conor called for less federal government under an overburdened presidency; we graded teachers' grades; and outed the flaws of an imperfect meritocracy.

We got the Dish from an indologist, a businessman, a scientist, and a Y2K programmer; is it me or does this sound like an awesome remake of the Breakfast Club? Cannibis went commercial; McWhorter advocated for the end of the war on drugs; and panhandlers sometimes buy booze and other times just deoderant. VFYW here; Yglesias award here; FOTD here; and MHB here. Twitter pwned old media on the Discovery gunman; we learned about "real" Americans; and we got the spectrum of romances both big and small from Dish readers on engagements. Jan Brewer was as bad as a BBC satire of a politician and this internet star sold out for a pot of gold at the end of his double rainbows.


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