Today on the Dish, Feisal Rauf urged peace; and Leon Wieseltier closed the books on the Mosque with the most beautiful response yet. We parsed Petraeus's comments on Koran-burning; and honoring 9/11 got pretty pricey with Palin and Beck.

The Iraq war via Wikipedia was bound; Castro had lunch with Goldberg; and Pakistan's problems weren't going anywhere. Andrew promised a response on the Iran-Israel article soon; Greece might default on its debts; and we argued over isolationism.

Boulder was burning, America faced fiscal collapse; and the housing hangover was just beginning, but peak oil didn't scare Reihan. Andrew warmed to redistribution rather than soaking the rich and Manzi outlined the hard work ahead on education and immigration. We assessed the GOP's anti-debt rhetoric and the budget behind Obama's proposal; and Conor kept at the Heritage Foundation over Addington. American novelists were in decline according to Time; Santorum had a Google problem; and emergency rooms didn't always fit our schedule.

Karl Smith wrote a pessimist's manifesto; the Chesterton fetish was called into question; and "jumping the shark" may mark the "end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end." Humanity thrived while the earth died; erotic capital still ruled the beauty premium; and magic mushrooms could help the terminally ill. We watched Tom Hardy work out; and we wanted the sex ads back on Craigslist. Quote for the day here; VFYW here; MHB here; FOTD here; and email of the day here.

Joaquin Phoenix was a mountain-top-water-drop and this woman sacrificed sex for the occasional sherry.


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