Today on the Dish, the rule of law took an unimaginable hit on torture and national security. On the Florida jerk front, the burning was cancelled. We paid a visit to the other Terry Joneses, we found out who is funding the Cordoba culture war, and Sarah Palin won the Yglesias Award. A divided government may be a better government; but probably not when led by the Tea Partiers. GOP heretic hunting continued; our intelligence community was shooting itself in the foot; and a burning Boulder was being saved by social media. Bad HIV reporting continued as did the harsh realities of covering Palin. 

In international news the Chinese loved their cars; North Korea was about to get an even crazier successor; and we may need more modesty in Afghanistan, while the world could use a happy planet index

In response to the recession, Beth Boyle Machlan played the lottery; college educated young women outearned young men; and the final shoe on real wages was about to drop. We harnessed the power of the personal brand; and readers responded to the emergency room debate and the peak oil problem. VFYW here; creepy ad watch here; MHB here; and FOTD here

Remembering those lost to AIDS didn't get any easier, but Iowa's gay marriages were prospering with their own version of the suburban American dream. One day, the New York Times will stop being printed, date TBD, and this guy won the award for the worst stump speech ever.


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