Today on the Dish, Andrew explained the origins of his own faith, in advance of the Pope's visit to the UK. He expected something better from the right's best and brightest, Yuval Levin. The Missoulian was sick of Sarah's smears and the Republican echo chamber got louder over at Fox News. Obama was not a Kenyan anti-colonialist but he was a voice of sanity and reason in a world unwilling to hear it. We debated intellectual honesty and discovered that Instapundit sure had changed a lot since September 11, 2001. Nate weighed the odds of the House flipping; Chait defended Obama from progressive attacks; and we looked at the future for DADT.

The world was a fractal of inequality, but America's Muslims were better integrated than those living in other Western countries. Joshua Foust annihilated the Afghanistan Study Group's report; various voices sounded off on a still-violent Iraq; and for peace-keeping in Africa to work a constitution matters less than peace on the streets.

Lady Gaga got the Camille Paglia treatment; we picked our nose five times an hour; e-readers made reading too easy; and Google Instant may make us less unique. The haiku bandit hit the streets of Atlanta; our happiness came with a price-tag; and technology made us move to a winner take-all market. Chart of the Day here; VFYW here; MHB here; FOTD here; and the sobering View From Your (Former) Window in Boulder, here. Most sex-workers were paid to listen; our fascination with figs continued, this baby contended for the best, worst stump speech ever and Katie Rooney said yes.


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