The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Holder held back unclassified evidence on torture victims, while even Iraq held its government torturers to account. Two American-Muslims searched for good in the aftermath of the summer's Anti-Muslim sentiment; and Hitch was as on as ever. Islam was the new communism for Republicans huffing their own glue and one Republican, Mitch Daniels, actually wanted to have grown-up conversations about fiscal responsibility.

Readers told us about their own conflicted relationship with the Catholic church; we incarcerated old people and universities outsmarted rent controls. A Miami hospital circumcised a baby by accident; Americans loved to hate reality television; and blogging tested the soul but debate team predicted a lot about the bigger issues.

Iran released U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd; a British teenager called President Obama a prick; and pockets of inequality persisted. Aggressive drones in Pakistan made us wonder about troop numbers in Afghanistan; and settlements still loomed over the peace talks. Question for the day here; MHB here; VFYW here; Colbert bait here; FOTD here; cool ad watch here; and VFYW contest winner #15 here.

The gaggle over Gaga carried on; female snail heads grew penises; someone was studying beardedness in advertising; and Jon Stewart had had enough of America's shit-tacos.