Today on the Dish, Christine O'Donnell won the Delaware primary, a scary prospect for the future of the conservative movement. Weigel didn't think she had a chance in Delaware; and Malkin jumped on Rove. Mitch Daniels may run in 2012; and a GOP-ruled House could finally make the movement grow-up, forced to battle Obama's calm and poise. The Tea Party tiger continued to bite the GOP in the ass; and now 2012 is Palin's to lose.

Alaska experienced Not Fox News Islam; Brian Williams had a platform and didn't know it; and the Forbes brand devolved further. Andrew defended Marty; and D'Souza finally got the take-down he deserves.

We looked at what people bought online which didn't include seats to see the Pope. James Parker exposed the vaudeville roots of Jackass; bicyclists were people too; and Judge Judy in slow motion made everyone sound drunk. Creepy ad watch here; VFYW here; quote for the day here; Yglesias award nominee here; email of the day here; MHB here; and FOTD here. Dynamic duos do it better than one and robots learned how to deceive.


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