The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew scoffed at the Pledge To America, and we gathered the rest of the reax here. R.L.G. named Palin the frontrunner, while another Tea Party nominee thought she acted the entertainer. Trig was born in two separate cities, Tea Partiers found compadres in California's Bell activists, Sharon Angle made a mockery of the media, and the storm door closed on the Democrats.

Andrew debated how much to blame the Dems on DADT, and Steinglass proposed the HRC could learn from the Tea Party or Andrew thought it could leave. The outed Chambliss staffer didn't stray much from his boss' message and Dave Holmes didn't like to play like the other kids. Cowen loved the liberal arts, Salmon fisked market forecasting, and Barbara Boxer took out the knives. Reagan's Mourning in America got an update, and Rep. Loretta Sanchez race-baited her opponent. Will Wilkinson thought Fox News showed its audience respect, a reader and combat vet wanted more graphic war images on television, and David Broder and Bob Woodward buck-raked to their wallets content.

Internationally, drug sanity settled over Spain, illegal immigrants came to China, and the "blogfather" of Iran faced the death penalty. The world got fat, but cookstoves could be cleaner.

Back on the homestead, adverstising invaded our spam, the cyber worm lurked, and Christianism plagued our field trips. Readers dissented on a drugged-out Burning Man, Kate Hopkins thought corporate food tasted bad, and an i-phone helped a blind man see a world of color. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. Blockbuster finally bit the dust, but the other Glen Beck appreciated his fruit basket.