The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Palin took on and ousted Rove; and Andrew answered Glenn on what differentiates the Tea Party from the rest of the right-wing. O'Donnell's lesbian sister believed in Wicca and the "starfish" Tea Partiers might have a plan. O'Donnell retreated into the Palin school of media; and the inevitable pile-on gained momentum here, here and here.

Fallows and Bob Wright offered insight into Marty's hypocrisy; and Kinsley proposed the price for the Boomers' legacy in America. Americans hated the stimulus because it trickled in; Cash for Clunkers was a clunker, and our ability to feel rich depended on where we live. Childish Americans were still drawing lots of disability insurance and big agriculture wasn't going anywhere. Democrats still weren't selling health care reform; crying for a murdered parent meant you had to get drug-tested in Texas; and McCain wasn't going green again.

Britain became a third world country and atheism is the new Nazism according to the Pope's PR. Afghanistan remained difficult; and the UK figured out how to stay Tea Party-free. France may actually be home to Islam's new McCarthyism; "Draw Mohammed Day" put its pioneer in the witness protection program; and Nazis tortured but Americans don't. Yglesias award here; VFYW here; MHB here; and FOTD here.

The internet owed a thank you to Craigslist; Zuckerberg needed to learn some IM-etiquette; and Australia outlawed speaking out against illegal things.