Today on the Dish, McCain stooped to a new low by stalling the repeal of DADT, while gay soldiers continue to sacrifice. We compared the Tea Party to its establishment counterparts and investigated the Palin model of doing business. Serwer pointed out that "individual liberty" extends to marriages - whether they involve children or not - and Boaz called out conservatives for ignoring divorce. Andrew unearthed the reality behind O'Donnell on wanking.

There was little progress made on punishing torture in Iraq, even if atrocities are committed by our own soldiers; but waging a different sort of war on Congo's rebels could offer a smarter way forward. The recession may be winding down but unemployment isn't (a reader shared his own view) and taxing pot may solve our revenue woes. Climate change critics stayed quiet over record summer temperatures.

Skip Gates defended Marty, Pat Buchanan played the race card, and a reader backed artisanal foods. Cool ad here, MHB here, and dissent of the day here. Bristol tapped "virgin territory", Kenny Powers mastered the art of seduction, and Antoine Dodson laughed all the way to the bank. VFYW here, and a stump-worthy window contest here.

-- Z.P.

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