Today on the Dish, the New York Times torture farce continued. Andrew was unimpressed with Woodward's excerpts, but more importantly disappointed with Obama's ultimate decision for Afghanistan. But at least the president spoke to Americans like adults.

McCain knew nothing about DADT. Andrew sparred with readers over yesterday's vote, HRC and the Democrats weren't any help, Reid was indefensible, and Mataconis spread the blame around. A Chambliss staffer didn't know the internet could trace his homophobic rants, and Dan Savage reminded gay kids that things will get better.

Following her mama grizzly mentor, O'Donnell swore off the national media. Bernstein and Douthat debated Palin's chances, another of her proteges campaigned on bigotry, and Nyhan charted her unfavorability; she looks a lot like Dan Quayle.

Andrew responded to Ross on what might change for the GOP base between now and 2012, and he agreed with Mark Greenbaum that divided government could benefit Obama. Rand met with the neocons, and Kos got so defensive it sounded like straight-up paranoia. The FBI lied to Congress over monitoring activists, a cartoon helped us understand health care, and Stewart and Colbert blurred what little is left of the line between media and politics. On race, Ta-Nehisi went after Marty, Matthew Duss called out a double standard for Jews and Palestinians (eg Helen Thomas and Marty), and Pat Buchanan played the race card. Sullum and Stimson argued over intoxication, while support for Prop 19 kept getting higher.

VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here. More Americans believed Obama was a cactus, Milton's Paradise Lost was headed for 3D, and Burning Man made people all sorts of happy.


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