Today on the Dish, Andrew assailed the Republican Party's "Pledge To America." Reax here and here. The Obama administration decided to defend DADT against Republicans. Andrew called for Solmonese's head and sparred with other bloggers over Dem inaction. Steinglass instructed HRC to take notes from the Tea Party.

The "all fags must die" plot thickened. A Dem congresswomen race-baited her opponent, Boxer and Fiorina went a round, a conservative group aired a maudlin ad against Obama, and Larison rolled his eyes. Snapshots from the Tea Party here and here. Christianism watch here and Trig watch here. DiA disagreed with Douthat over Palin, a GOP congressional candidate slammed her celebrity, and Sharron Angle pwned the press. Wilkinson wanted members of the media to stop picking on red-staters, while Dan Savage sought to keep bigots from picking on suicidal teens.

A drug warrior in Spain came to his senses, Iran kept oppressing its press, and we may have already attacked the country's nuclear plants.  The world got fat, but cookstoves could be cleaner. Adam Ozimek looked at illegal immigration around the world, Felix Salmon warned us about market forecasters, Tyler Cowen defended the liberal arts, and Kate Hopkins kept the "culinary luddite" thread going. Readers dissented over Andrew's portrayal of Burning Man, and a combat vet called for showing more graphic content.

Blockbuster finally bit the dust. David Broder and Bob Woodward buck-raked to their wallets' content. A clever new ad strategy is coming to your captchas and this app went from cool to profound. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. Be lucky your name isn't Sarah Palin.

-- C.B.
-- Z.P.

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