Today on the Dish, Andrew urged Obama to unleash the hounds in the fiscal fight with the GOP. In a harrowing story, some U.S. soldiers saved Afghan body parts as souvenirs and took pictures. Heather Mac Donald eviscerated Dinesh D'Souza, and Hume joined ranks with Sprung on how Obama has already won. Reihan and Ezra argued over immigrants and visas, and Chris Good warned Obama about being a buzzkill on Prop 19. And there was one act of true American tyranny that the Tea Party didn't dare protest, but Tim Lee did.

Serwer pointed fingers at the media for the Petraeus Syndrome, while Andrew nailed Petraeus for the rise (again) of Al Qaeda in Iraq. CIA bombings escalated in Pakistan and Uganda gay-baited. Limbaugh went loco over Latino advertising, a Grayson campaign ad stooped to new lows, and Dish readers didn't defend Coulter's presence at Homocon. Jelani Cobb and Hitchens skewered Pastor Long.

Palin's publisher promised "soberly argued" books from the right, and the woman herself may or may not have been booed on her daughter's show.  Readers rejected McArdle's niggling over bullied gay teens, confusion over health care reform still reigned, and a reader couldn't take Bill Bennett gambling because he'd turn into a hedonist. Malcolm Gladwell got smacked around. The genesis of good ideas got animated, and the earth's oldest tree may be headed for the lumber yard. Mataconis praised the death of the salesman, centenarians hadn't always led the healthiest lives, and Joan Dejean chronicled the sofa's hold on humanity.

Canada churned out cheap cigarettes, Manzi ate his cheeseburger in French paradise, and science got dumbed down for newspapers. Yglesias award here, MHB here, cool ad here, VFYW here, FOTD here, and VFYW contest #17 winner here.


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