A fascinating dispatch from the Guardian on the Florida nut-job's previous gambit for religious dominion in Germany:

Among the numerous documented reports of the ways in which he used to allegedly manipulate members were demands for money, as well as complete commitment to the community. Members were reportedly forced to work in the community's so-called Lisa Jones shops, named after his first wife, which sold and distributed secondhand clothes and furniture.

The members reportedly worked long hours, lived on next to no wages and had no health insurance despite this being required of all German employers.

Members were forced to review relationships with family and friends and in some cases to break up with partners. Parents were reportedly encouraged to beat their children because, said Jones, it was "God's will".

Those in the group say that Jones became increasingly radical over the years. He offered to help homosexual people "pray away" their "sins". Later he directed his attention more towards condemning Islam. He warned the congregation they could be attacked by Muslims at any time. "Some people lived in real fear that we really would be attacked by Muslims during the religious services," said former member Thomas.

(Photo: Paul J Richards/Getty.)

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