Suing Over Mutilation

If more parents did this, maybe the barbarism would end:

The parents of a four-year-old boy who was circumcised at a Miami hospital against their wishes are suing the facility. Vera Delgado, whose infant son Mario Viera was circumcised at South Miami Hospital in August, will announce the multi-million dollar lawsuit Monday afternoon with her attorneys from the Aronfeld Trial Lawyers. According to Delgado's attorneys, Viera's parents told South Miami doctors several times that they did not want him circumcised. Though Viera had spent over a week in the NICU for birth-related complications, at one point, he was taken out of the NICU and the circumcision was performed.

The hospital claims there was a mix-up of consent forms. The irony, of course, is that we're talking about the parents' consent, not the baby's. His body is mutilated regardless of his own views, and as the piece rather gently puts it, "the damage has already been done."