“The emotional problems are, first and foremost, the utter lack of confidence between the sides and issues such as Jerusalem, recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and refugees. Under these conditions, we should focus on coming up with a long-term intermediate agreement, something that could take a few decades,” - Avigdor Lieberman, foreign minister of Israel, at the UN yesterday, publicly undermining the beginnings of peace talks. He directly took a swipe at his own prime minister, as well as Yitzhak Rabin.

Netanyahu's spokesman then disowned the remarks of his own foreign minister. Wouldn't a foreign minister publicly undermining his own prime minister at the UN and giving the finger to Israel's most important ally be fired in any normal country? And they say the Israelis have no coherent partner for peace! How does anyone negotiate with a shambolic government like this?

Meanwhile, Goldblog is celebrating the West Bank settlers' AIPAC-enabled triumph over J-Street (which he calls an "ostensibly pro-Israel group"), publishes with no counter-argument an email by neocon Robert Satloff that describes the perfectly reasonable US request that Israel cease its illegal and provocative settlement construction on the West Bank as a "a short-sighted fixation", and has said nothing against the new illegal settlements being built by the Israeli far right, which he has long said he opposes.

So is Goldblog for these new settlements or against them? It's a simple question. And it deserves a simple answer. The anti-anti-settlements position is, as we should know by now, objectively pro-settlement. And it should not be obscured by changing the subject.

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