by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

Glenn Beck said he wore a bulletproof vest because his wife insisted on it. And I don't understand how Hitchens can call the people at the rally self-pitying white people.  The Iraqi soldier with no hands (who is now training other soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, believe it or not) and the Vietnam vet whose face was burned off were far from self-pitying.  I believe the latter will be on Beck's Friday show, along with other clergymen and women.

I didn't see anyone there who was self-pitying.  I saw many people of all ages and races.  Maybe Hitchens is the one who is protesting too much.  Or maybe he was angry because Beck had 240 clergymen and women on stage with him (ministers, priests, rabbis, and imams), all different races, all holding hands. You should have watched Beck's show yesterday, not the Monday show.  Yesterday he answered Hitchens and every other reporter/journalist who wrote about the rally and got mostly everything wrong.  BTW, the rally raised $5,000,000 for the children of Special Ops.  Yes, what a self-pitying group of white people.

My problem with the Beck segment wasn't his wearing of the vest per se, but rather his martyr-like publicizing of it.

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