Pot Polling Update: 52% Favor, 41% Oppose

A new poll (pdf). Meno highlights this paragraph:

Among California’s likely voters, 52 percent favor the proposition to legalize marijuana. Strong majorities of independent (65%), Democratic (63%), and Latino (63%) likely voters support Proposition 19 when read the full ballot title and label, as do those age 18–34 (70%). Half of voters (49%) say the outcome of Proposition 19 is very important, with those opposed to the initiative feeling stronger about the outcome: 65 percent of those who plan to vote no say the outcome is very important, compared to 42 percent of likely voters who plan to vote yes.

So we have another enthusiasm gap, with the angry minority determined to vote, and a 52 percent majority less motivated than the 41 percent minority. For goodness's sake, wake up, guys. This election matters. Prop 19 could be a watershed against Prohibition if you can get off your couch and vote. Check out the website here. Registration info here.