McCain simply denies the fact that private emails are still being searched in order to persecute and expel gay servicemembers - a documented fact. Jim Burroway pulls no punches:

This was never a serious attempt to pass legislation in the best interests of the American people. It was nothing but political theater, and everyone on both sides were eager actors in the drama. All the Senators had a role to play, and everyone played to the audience. Even the White House had a bit part. They issued a statement calling for an end to the fillibuster, but according to SLDN’s Trevor Thomas, there was no lobbying behind the scenes.

And now that the vote was taken, the play moves on to its second act: everyone now gets to go home and use it on the campaign trail. Republicans, even those who support DADT’s repeal, will be able to brag that they stood up to the evil Democratic machine. Democrats will be able to blame the evil Republican machine for blocking legislation that three-fourths of the American population agree on.

Sickening - from the Dems, the GOP and the Obama administration. And some wonder why so many are just sick of politicians. I am sick to my stomach with John McCain, that's for sure. A reader argues:

Andrew, 57 of 59 dems vote to repeal DADT and this is the Democrats fault? Every single Republican votes against it and this is the Democrats' fault? I understand and share your frustration that this idiotic law is still on the books, but the fact is even if the two no votes had switched sides, all we would've needed was a single republican vote and didn't get a single one. One party has voted nearly unaminously for repeal. The other voted unanimously against. I think it's pretty clear where the blame lies.

Point taken. I am not excusing the Republicans, as my disgust with McCain makes clear. But when the Dems had 60 votes for a full year? And if they had taken this issue up on its own before a pre-election season - without attaching it to this bill, also laden with election year goodies?

And I repeat, this is not an electoral liability. It has very strong public support and even the Wall Street Journal supporting it. All I can say is that if Obama ends his first term still firing gay servicemembers, he will reap the whirlwind from gay voters and our families. And if we do not get a successful vote in this Congress, Joe Solmonese must resign.

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