Palin Was Booed On DWTS? - Nope

A reader writes:

I had a look at the DWTS clip, and a thought occurred to me: do you suppose that Palin will talk about education in her stump speeches? If so, I hope the good citizens of Iowa think to ask her how many days of school little Willow has missed to attend events like this.

I grew up in a farming community in the Midwest not all that many years ago, and the ethos was you did not miss a day of school unless - to use Ferris Buehler's memorable phrase - you were barfing up a lung

I remember waking one morning with a fever of 101. My mom agreed that I wouldn't have to get on the bus (it arrived at 6:50AM). However, she wouldn't rule out the possibility that my fever might break and she could then drive me to school in time for the first bell. It did. She did. I survived to tell the tale.

Another writes:

Your post about this story is really annoying. 

Of all the angles you could have taken with it... really?  Not a word on the pettiness of the booers (booing someone who's there to support her daughter for cryin' out loud?)  Not a mention that it's entirely possible the person "in the audience" with the blog posting could be a liar or phony himself?  Not even the common sense to just wait until it's cleared up (as it's supposedly going to be tonight on the results show)?  God forbid you actually step back and try to be objective about this woman.  I typically just ignore anything you post about Palin because it's just intellectually deficient propaganda drab at this point, but this irked me enough to comment.

If DWTS explains what the booing was about and it had nothing to do with Sarah Palin's emergence, we will, as always, correct the record.

[Update: ABC has now corrected the record. The booing was not about Sarah Palin but a reaction to an announcement of scores. The Dish apologizes for jumping to conclusions.)