Here's a moving - and instructive - tale of a young gay man, Wade Richards, who once worked with Christine O'Donnell in the Christianist trenches until he came to terms with his identity. O'Donnell emerges as a viciously anti-gay bigot, blaming people with HIV and AIDS for their illnesses and conflating homosexuality with pedophilia. Her gay-baiting was also central to her smear campaign against Castle, something even expert gay-baiter Karl Rove found too much. (Rove usually finds some tiny shred of evidence to smear someone as gay and probably objects to the amateurism of O'Donnell's smears).

Another classic detail: O'Donnell's own sister, according to Richards, is openly lesbian. These people demonize their own family members as well (as, of course, was the case with Rove).

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