It appears that the remarkable, courageous and brilliant war reporter, CNN's Michael Ware, is suffering from PTSD from his time during the Iraq war. God knows what he saw firsthand that still haunts him. And one wonders if those who still defend the fiasco would do so after witnessing even a smidgen of what Ware experienced. There is a new series about him on Australian TV, where he recounts his experiences (the transcript of the first part is here). This insight of the true horror of what the US unleashed is worth keeping in the front of one's mind:

There was just not the one war in Iraq. You had the American war versus the insurgency, who are nationalists fighting to free their country and who were purely politically motivated. Then there's the American war with al Qaida in Iraq. Then there's the Sunni and Shia war amongst the Iraqis themselves. There was the Arab versus Kurdish on again off again little conflict. And then there was the Iranian war versus most of those named above.

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