Ta-Nehisi rebuffs the latest attempt "to encourage black women ... to not have kids until they're married":

I am, at my core, a prude, who wanted to raise a child in a two-parent home, who believes in thinking about who you sleep with, thinking harder about who you have kids with, and even harder about how this person fits into this one-shot life. 

I have never known marriage to be definitive evidence of such thinking, any more than a Bally's membership is evidence of prodigious health. An institution must be more than totemic, must be more than its name. These are the humble thoughts I have assembled after some 12 years of living in sin, ten of them spent rearing a wayward son in a heathen den of iniquity. 

It's been a gay old time.

Not any longer, TNC. The gays are increasingly as married as anyone else.

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