Above is a video by Dave Holmes for Dan Savage's new project. From Dan's call for videos:

It would be great to get some more videos that include more than one person. Gay couples, groups of friends, straight people and their gay friends. And we have lots of videos from folks who are focusing on what they sufferedwhich absolutely should be touched on. But it would be great to see some more videos that give young gay kids a picture of the lives they could make for themselves if they just hang in there. It can be hard sometimes to talk about the good in our lives, what gives us pleasure and joy, because it seems braggy and jinxy. And knowing that not everyone finds pleasure and joy in the same things can make us self conscious. But I think it would really help for LGBT kids who don't know any LGBT adults to seewith their own eyesthat we are leading happy and rewarding lives. So if you decide to make a video... don't just share your pain. Share your joy too.

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