It Gets Better, Ctd

A reader writes:

This video is my personal favorite. Kinda annoying at first, but it really grows on you, and the last moment made me choke up.

Another writes:

This video project is inspiring.  I am not gay, but I hated high school, too.  I mostly survived by not talking to anyone and laying low.  Senior year I finally found a place on the academic decathlon team and made some friends (we made it to the national competition, no less).  I went to college out of state and flourished.  Just a year or so after graduation, I went back to my high school to speak to the academic decathlon team, and my message was the same as that Dan Savage is trying to get across: In high school, it seems like whatever your lot is, whoever you are there, that will always be your life.  But that isn't the case.  You graduate, everything changes, and you can start fresh.  You will find there are others like you, and different people who like you. 

I wish I had seen these videos when I was in high school.  I know they are not meant for me.  But isn't the fact that I identify with the speakers yet more evidence of the wonderful point?  Your humanity, gay or straight, cannot be obscured forever.  It will shine through.  It is beautiful to see.

There is a huge crowd-based video being scheduled in the Castro for Sunday. These are the things that change the world. Politics will follow. Eventually. But you have only today to live right now. So live it. And let the rest go.