If Tea Partiers Take Congress, Ctd

Mark Greenbaum argues that divided government would be better for Obama than the alternative:

[W]hat Democrats now see as their best-case scenario in November's elections -- holding the House by perhaps a handful of seats -- might actually be the worst thing for them. They would maintain ownership of the economy with limited ability to split up any blame, while Republicans in the Senate, boosted by significant gains, would prevent them from achieving anything significant over the next two years.

I couldn't agree more. Between Boehner and Obama, it would be no contest, and Obama's conciliatory skills would come to the fore.

By the way I think Obama's absolutely right not to engage Palin directly. She is a farce and a coward and cannot be engaged by intelligent adults. Any treatment of her as a serious figure worth actually debating when she has yet to make a single argument on any substantive or complex policy question is futile and counter-productive. The president needs to create a better narrative as to why his policies are the best the country can do with right now - his most evident rhetorical and political failing right now - not give this farrago of Facebook fantasies the stature she craves.