Josh Green thinks going to bat for green technologies could be the answer:

Why should environmentalists want to embrace a president so thoroughly associated with oil (and worse)? The short answer is: because they need him. Last summer, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a climate bill, but it went no further. The fact that it died when President Obama was still popular and Democrats controlled the Senate by a decisive margin was a clear indicator that it will take more than just a partisan majority to bring about real change. It also showed that environmental concerns alone will not compel Congress to act. The challenge now is to broaden support. ...

The economic case for clean technology is so strong that Bush could, if he wanted, simply ignore the environmental aspects that many conservatives find objectionable or overblown, and focus strictly on the business opportunities and concerns about American competitiveness. Conservatives would be more receptive if they weren't made to feel as though they were capitulating to a liberal cause. The result would be no less beneficial to all parties.

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