Matthew Kahn, author of a new book on "how our cities will thrive in the hotter climate," remains upbeat:

[I]magine a diverse world in which for every 100 citizens; there are 97 Homer Simpsons and 3 Spocks. The self interested second group can and will smell an economic opportunity. The sheer desperation and suffering that the Homers will suffer from as climate change unfolds means that a huge market is available for those entrepreneurs who seize the day. The irony here is that while the Homers smugly believe in technological optimism, their collective willingness to pay for a “bailout” actually helps to make this happen. Part of my optimism about our future in the face of climate change is my belief in induced innovation as self interested entrepreneurs seek out the potential opportunities caused by climate change. 

Well, that's the only hope we've got left. I share it, by the way. I just don't see why the government can't also nudge us a little with a carbon tax, which would also help reduce the debt and defund our enemies. But, hey, this is America. And its slogan of the moment is: "No We Can't".

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